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Born in Cary, NC but raised by two very loud northerners, Max basically had to yell to get a word in at his house… and yell he did. Growing up Max was always a talker. He loved entertaining people and making them laugh. But, he has come a long way since mooning the high school soccer team and putting ketchup packets under toilet seats so that they burst when people sit down (please do not try this).

Max has always had many passions in his life. He has never lost a game of ping pong and considers himself an expert foosball player. Max grew up playing hockey and played for 4 years at UNCW (yes, UNCW has a hockey team). He spends most of his days surfing, playing guitar, listening to music and sitting on the couch contemplating what he will eat for his next meal.

Max has taken over your Modern Rock morning airwaves and is doing his worst to start your day with a smile. Go Carolina Panthers. RHCP are a gift from god. And may the Schwartz be with you.


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